Sunday, September 18, 2016


September 18, 2016

Off to the Gallery in a few minutes, but learned just now that almost a hundred years ago, June Foray's parents, in the dead of winter in Springfield, Massachusetts, got together.  It might have been around Christmas, 1915?  Wow.. what a gift those folks have given us.  Over the years I've worked with June and we chat from time to time. Her friend, Dave Nimitz, is a very loyal guy who posted this terrific photo of June to commemorate her birthday today, September 18th.  
 That's Dave on the right.  
We have few real icons in life. At least my icons are few, but this lady and her talent and sense of humor and kindness make her iconic to me.  Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Granny from the Sylvester and Tweety Warner Brothers cartoons are what she'll be most remembered for, but I've always loved her radio spots as the spokesvoice for Bandini Fertilizer!  Very sexy.  Of course, Natasha was pretty sexy, too. 

June was brutally attacked in a follow home robbery many years ago and badly injured.  She said that what saved her life was "playing dead" which may have sent the attacker on his way.  She is a tiny woman! That she had the where with all to save herself in this very smart way left us with years and years of enjoyment of her wonderful talent.  Yes. I am a fan.  June founded the ASIFA "Annie" awards and annually ASIFA awards a special Annie for an animation voice performance named in her honor.

Happy Birthday, June!  Onward!! 

Last day at the LA Municipal Art Gallery.  Boy, this month went quickly.   Thanks to friends who made an effort to get down to see the work.  The gallery will be open in Barnsdall Park until five this afternoon. 

September 18, 2016


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