Sunday, September 11, 2016


September 11, 2016

THE COMPLETE EMILY THE STRANGE by Rob Reger, Buzz Parker and others published July 2016 is a new hard cover graphic novel that is now Number Four on the NY Times Best Seller list. Rob is the son of David and Nan Reger, my dear and long time friends.  Emily has fans around the world and I'm mentioning it here because it's currently in local bookstores in the LA area. It would be great for Emily to give Batman a run for his money. I'm getting two copies today at Vroman's in Pasadena! 

On Facebook today the memories of the attacks fifteen years ago are many.  One very intelligent woman has pointed out that Iraq had nothing to do with these events and according to her, something I did not know, that Saddam Hussein hated Osama Bin Laden.  Bin Laden Hated the Bush Family.  How our world is blasted into war by politics and the manipulation of popular opinion is not a surprise when religious extremism and equally offensive political rhetoric rules the day. 

Another dear pal, Larry Cooper, wrote a heart felt commemoration remembering this day.  I felt compelled to respond: 

We must always remember that the 9/11 tragedies were made by radical extremists who had an issue with the Bush family. The world religion they proclaim to represent is like the Westboro Baptists who proclaim their sick brand of Christianity. We must put into perspective the 'terror' that was created by a handful of zealots and not condemn those who peacefully proclaim their religion.

Off to Pasadena to review The Fantasticks.  Hopefully, it will be better than the last production that I actually paid to see.  


September 11, 2016 



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