Thursday, September 15, 2016


September 15, 2016

Shameless self promotion!  The Open Call at the LAMAG in Barnsdall Park will close on Sunday, September 18.  I'm really happy with the reception that my installation has received.  The staff at the Gallery has been friendly and kind.  The piece has had some issues and they fixed them!   I'll be there on Sunday from noon until about 1:30 and would love it if anyone would want to come down and say hello.  I'll head out to review a show later that afternoon.  

Arts writer, Tracey Paelo, stopped by last week to say hello!  Hello!

Our SAGAFTRA Film Society will screen SNOWDEN, the new Oliver Stone film on Friday. Someone shared something on FB questioning whether or not Civil Disobedience is a viable thing to do to effect change.  The current thing about Colin Kaepernik opting to take a knee when the Star Spangled Banner is played at the start of an NFL game is a tiny example. I found a FB post by a friend the other day that led to many followers of a thread that encouraged folks to boycott the NFL! The 'love it or leave it' mentality was rampant and it flowed off of the fingers of the advocates of ban football or walk out of the stadium and on and on to the point that it became even a bit frightening. Of course, a handful of jingoistic 'patriots' wrapping themselves in the flag, hopefully, are few.  Our election will be a bell weather for the world.  We survived.. barely.. the GWB years and the wonderfulness of Obama.  We'll see.

I am doing research about how ice cream is sold here in Southern California.  Stopped by the Baskin Robbins store on Victory the other day and encountered a friendly girl with a head set that had a glowing light on it.  She spoke to me in English, but was speaking so quickly (her memorized rap was the same each time that I asked her to repeat herself) that I couldn't understand her.   It may have to do with metabolism and the speech culture of the times? But.. a faster metabolism should maybe dictate slower speech? Hmm.. 
Evidently, Baskin Robbins allows each of their franchises to decide for themselves how to define a pint or a quart, etc.  The store on Victory in Burbank calls their sizes small, medium and large.  They call a 'pint' about nine ounces! 

I, foolishly, tried to explain to the girl that sixteen ounces is a true pint.  She seemed to be incapable of understanding.  I think that as they younger generations further define language and speech, it may be more difficult to understand them as a twentieth century person .. Am I becoming a stranger in a strange land? 

September 15, 2016



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