Friday, September 30, 2016


September 30, 2016

Taking my old VW bus out for a run, even in the Ninety degree heat..  is fun.  Today we toured Echo Park (Vestal Avenue to where it stops!) and then down Sunset to Vine to Santa Monica where Christ The King holds court with Ravenswood looming to the south. 
Maybe the ghost of Mae West is looking down? 

This view used to have large florescent lights that illuminated the statue.  Long gone.

624 N Rossmore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004 where Vine Street sort of becomes Rossmore.

The construction of what look like more apartment buildings on Hollywood Boulevard with the incredible encroachment of concrete and glass is a little frightening.  Our streets are becoming canyons!  

Curson and Norton,  Hollywood, CA
After shooting photos on Vestal and over to the Catholic Church, I learned one thing for certain..  A certainty is a rare thing! Even though my memory told me that Curson and Norton in the virtual heart of Hollywood were south of Santa Monica Boulevard, by driving all the way from Melrose to Santa Monica Blvd., turning around, jockeying for position with a couple of huge trash trucks and cars coming from the opposite direction.. in a Hurry!!  down past Melrose to Beverly and then coming back again searching for the intersection of Curson and Norton (There's  fireplug there I really wanted to get a shot of!) I crossed Santa Monica north from Curson with a little zig zag to the east and then north continuing again to find Norton a block away. The fireplug was patiently waiting for me.  A cab running the stop sign was a little scary, but we survived.. the photo and the cab and I.  

Why Vestal Avenue, a fireplug and Christ the King?  Maybe I'll tell you later. 

Hot in Hollywood? You betcha.. and the choice to just cruise Hollywood Boulevard from La Brea to Western was slow going, allowing me take in the touris scene.  I saw  a huge Transformer guy.. and a black man who was very upset; bent over the hood of an LAPD Black and White.  He was being frisked by a black cop literally twice his size. The guy was obviously troubled and when the cop finally took the cuffs off and released him, the small black man sort of 'reeled down the street.'  He was waving his cap wildly and seemed to be shouting or something.. He was gesticulating and weaving all over the place with his colorful prosthetic leg at right angles off to the left of the rest of his body.  The big black cop wiped the sweat from his brow and turned his back as the man wobbled away, weaving and waving his cap.  

The humanity lined up for Jimmy Kimmel Live was long and patient.  A kid on a skateboard whizzed by a sidewalk artist.  The sun shone down on open top tourist buses and the 'scramble' intersection at the now over loaded  Hollywood and Highland corner was more like an 'amble' with an really odd older man in shabby clothing  waving a hand printed sign on a stick: "Boycott Hoes and Bitches" as he rummaged in the trash can there on the corner.  

My agent's office used to be right on that corner.. and the Credit Union.. and production offices for game shows.  I even did a radio spot with Joan Rivers in a small studio in that building. Joan said that she was afraid of getting a ticket where she had parked her car. I volunteered to go and move it for her.. 
"What kind of a car is it??" 
"Oh.. It's a Corvair or a Corvette.. One of those.. "
 We recorded the spot and that was that!

September 30, 2016


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