Saturday, September 17, 2016


September 17, 2016

Shameless self promotion ..  Two more days to see the amazingly wonderful Open Call show at the LA Municipal Art Gallery. Hollywood Boulevard west of Vermont..  Noon to Five.  I'll be there tomorrow, Sunday, for a little while between noon and about One PM. or so.  Up the hill! Good luck parking!

Oliver Stone's "Snowden" is an important film. I've written to President Obama asking him to pardon Edward Snowden.  A conservative pal has pointed out the damage to the ability of the USA to spy on the entire world, but it seems to me that for us to have laws that can be circumvented by political excuses are of no value unless they are kept.  Politics. What a pain.

Need to make a phone call. Need to have food.. must have food..  A beauty of a day and here I sit clacking away.. hah.. I am remembering my first typing class and the teacher's instruction to 'strike' the keys!  Do not push!  Clackety clack! My little green portable typewriter should be making art again.  The wonderfulness of mechanical objects will always astound me.  Of course, electronics rule the day and shall, but whomever it was who figured out the mechanics of a typewriter should get a standing ovation.

Saturday. September 17, 2016

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