Monday, September 19, 2016


September 19, 2016

This is the pae where whatever is on my mind pops up as I post the photo from my porch.  I'll be writing a review of Mary Laws's "Blueberry Toast" at  in a minute, but it's on my mind and has been ever since seeing the matinee of the show at the Echo yesterday.  Copy and paste that address into your browser if you want to read a rave.

I didn't know that the entire Thai population of Hollywood would be at Barnsdall Park yesterday! It was the last day of the Open Call art show and I stopped by for a final farewell.  The staff and volunteers there have been kind: just super.  I'll pick my work up on Saturday and then head to the opening of the Works on Paper Show at The Brand here in Glendale.  Laddie John Dill, whose work I like, was the juror for this Brand Associates show. His work is conceptual in nature, so maybe I should have entered this big piece and arranged to deliver it after the fact of everything? Hah.. that doesn't happen.  I'll have the 'Game' with me when I head to the Brand.. so .. who knows?  I'll have to take that big table apart.  Hmmm.


Re-reading "Kinship With All Life" by J. Allen Boone.  He was the 'sitter' for Strongheat, the German Shepherd that preceded Rin Tin Tin and was the darling of the movies for a time.  Boone recounts how he came to respect Strongheart and learned life lessons from him.  I am not so sure about how I feel as I was the first time I read Boone's accounts of his encounters with animals and his learning to communicate with them. It may be workable.  His story of making friends with Freddie the Fly is a stretch!   Of course, if we believe that 'We are all One' then the kingdom of the world and cosmos and Everything may be available if we learn how to listen.  

Doesn't feel like a Monday. Why is that?

September 19, 2016
michael sheehan

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