Wednesday, September 28, 2016


September 28, 2016

Warm day..  the first three letters of that word are WAR..  a FB friend asked about fate and free will today in the pithy and interesting posts she shares.  I made the analogy of a baseball pitch.. ironic as I don't know much of anything about baseball.  I think we get pitches daily.. curve balls, sinkers, fast balls!  Is there such a pitch as a "stinker??"  
(I get them several times a day in all shapes and sizes).. the deal is that we stand at the plate and don't control the pitcher, but we can either take a swing or step back.. we can emulate Babe Ruth pointing to the left field bleachers.. and succeed..  or sometimes we strike out.. I understand that in baseball if one bats over 300, that's good. That's only getting a hit a third of the time.. not even! Something to think about. 

How odd to make a baseball analogy when I am not a fan and don't much understand the game, but recognize when I page by a game on TV the sound of a solid hit and the whiff of a swing and a miss. 

IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE is a 1936 play adapted from a novel of the same name by Sinclair Lewis. It chronicles the rise to power of an American Fascist who takes over the country.. the USA.  Evidently, there will be readings sponsored by Berkeley Rep on October 24th and other dates to just alert us all to the prophecy that Lewis  declared over eighty years ago as Hitler was rising to power.  He was concerned for the candidacy of Huey Long (do your own search for that guy) and his extreme views.  Today we have more extreme views by the republican candidate and it's important to be very careful that we don't screw up and get him elected. The worst may be yet to come.  More later on the readings.  There should be more than one in the LA area and around the country, too. 


Too much stuff today.   A friend's home was burglarized and some jewelry stolen.  If you happen to see a nice 18 inch turquoise necklace with little yellowish beads between the 1/2 inch oblong turquoise beads..nicely burnished.. It would be great to get the necklace and the earrings back.  


 Anna Konya, is having a sale of her gorgeous gypsy skirts!  I hope that my dear friend, Pam, will allow me to get one for her.  She would look great in one! 

Pam got me on a roll with ideas about what would happen if she wore one of Anna's skirts in New Zealand where she will be later this year.  Or maybe one for her daughter or granddaughter? We could get a group rate?

Dear Pam: 
If you wanted a skirt, it would NOT be too expensive partly because the tax refund you got for me would cover it and that is found money.  So.. think how happy it would make me if you were out somewhere in the wilds of NZ and dancing and singing and flouncing your skirt and folks would say.. oh my.. and you would say.. it was a gift.. and they would say.. oh.. where can I get one?? and they would all be thrilled and you'd blush and say.. my friend who gifted me this skirt knows the artist who makes them.. we can refer you to the web site and they would all admire you and the flouncing and would all buy skirts and tops  and she'd send a dozen skirts to a fancy shop in NZ where they would sell to admiring folks and those folks would go out and their friends would say.. oh my. where did you get that gorgeous skirt?? and those folks would say.. oh thank you it's from an American artist who has been making and selling gypsy skirts for more than thirty years and they would all go to the shop or to the website and they would buy Anna Konya's clothing and they would go flouncing about and all of THEIR  friends would go WHOA.. where did you get that beautiful skirt and those people whom we will never know would lift the skirts and twirl and flounce and say that they love their gypsy skirts and turn those complete strangers on to Anna Konya's website or back to the local store and Anna would be back ordered and bitching and moaning because all she really wanted was this years rent and taxes and now she has to hire more help to meet the demand and her feet hurt and she's mad at me for gifting you with one beautiful skirt?  Oh my..

 Do a good deed today and don't tell anyone. Okay?  

September 28, 2016
I just hit the wrong button and almost lost this entire post! Yikes!!  and Whew.. 

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