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November 13, 2016
Sad news.. it's now about 10:15 PM. This list has been removed from the net. However, I have the list in a wonky Word doc.  Please write to me at directortv at yahoo if you would like to see it. 
A little scary!  Who put the list up? And, WHO took it down.. and why??
Please pass this list below of potential 'faithless electors' on to concerned friends. 

I so do not like politics.  I often say that I'm only interested in tackling issues that I may have some way to make a difference in.    I lobbied the City of Glendale like anything to make use of the Adams Square Gas Station for Art and after lots of waiting impatiently, it happened. Twice.  Now we have a serious situation in the hands of 290 individuals: the Republican members of the US Electoral College.   It's my considered opinion that most Republicans are good people of good conscience.  Many high profile conservatives came out publicly against the rancor and hate that the orange man spewed during the campaign.  

We have until December 19th to lobby these Electors and urge them to consider the popular vote, which is currently a 600,000 vote lead by Hillary Clinton over her opponent.  Let's urge them to consider the idea that if they have a true love of our country they must become 'Faithless Electors' and go against their pledged votes to him and vote for her.  It may not turn the tide, but may be the start of abolishing the Electoral College. I believe that one person/one vote should be the Law of the Land.

Please pass this website along to anyone who will make a call or send a snail mail or an email or lobby on Twitter or Facebook.  If these are people of good conscience and true patriots, I would hope that they would do the right thing.  

This is just for the record.  This link has been removed from the internet.  Do you suppose it was because a few of my FB friends were accessing it and contacting the Electors?  Are we not supposed to know who these people are???  

Thank you..  
michael sheehan
November 13, 2016

Chayote 11/13/16

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