Friday, November 18, 2016


November 18, 2016

I'll be sending about a hundred postcards to members of the Electoral College soon to respectfully ask them to please NOT cast their ballot for the orange man.   It's such a long shot, but those who are with me on this have begun emails and snail mails to the electors hoping to gather together as many 'faithless electors' as we can gather.  Early responses in email have been rude.  I doubt that the person making the request was anything but civil and polite.  

Ironically, in my zeal to get these requests into the mail, I went to the post office yesterday and asked for a hundred post cards.  The clerk held up a roll of stamps!  I said I'd like cards with the postage affixed to them.  It took her a minute to understand what I was asking for!   She came back with twelve cards.  They are 38 cents each. The USPS charges four cents to print them.  I'll do my own cards for that price!!   Why wouldn't the Post Office have a stock of postcards? 

Today I found a stack of very old picture post cards that I might use, but because this is serious business, I'm guessing that it wouldn't be a good idea to send a card with two hunters discussing 'mother-in-law season.'  Pictures of the Petrified Forest? Notre Dame? Pyramids in Egypt? Tucson! (I do have friends in Tucson!)

The name Publius is being used by the group sending mail to electors asking them to NOT vote for the orange man.    Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and other Founding Fathers used that pseudonym when publishing their case in The Federalist Papers.    Here's what Wikipedia has to say:

Publius Valerius Poplicola or Publicola was one of four Roman aristocrats who led the overthrow of the monarchy, and became a Roman consul, the colleague of Lucius Junius Brutus in 509 BC, traditionally ... Wikipedia

I am imagining these mostly every day citizens, the members of the Electoral College,  who are now just beginning to feel the weight of the election descending upon them, may have difficulty responding.  How many are of good conscience and know in their hearts that this election (with the erroneous email statement by FBI director Comey coming hours before the vote on November 8th) has been politically manipulated? As the case for a 'do over' is probably not going to happen, THEY have the power to do something.  What would you do?  Are you as upset as I am?   Would we be aligned in the way we voted: Blue?  But.. what about these intelligent and hopefully educated   Republicans?  Are they all swung so far to the right that they actually want the orange man, really?  Are they all so conservative as to see some value in a person with no experience; exhibiting blatant prejudices and out right disrespect for other folks?   Will they actually cast an electoral ballot for him?  If one person demurs, that is a victory.  If enough decide that enough is enough and even if they don't cast a Blue Ballot, but do not support the orange man,  it gives our country hope. The Audacity of Hope.  

Would you like me to send you mailing labels?  Can you contact ten people with a civil request with a hope for the future of our country? More? Email me at directortv41 at Yahoo.  Please, let me hear from you. 

November 18, 2016
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