Monday, November 28, 2016


November 28, 2016

I love it when there are actual clouds across the way. Looks like we'll have some sun, too. 

The Gift that keeps on Giving!?  Today, in the name  of a guy I don't even know, I made a contribution of a few bucks to Planned Parenthood. If a miracle happens, his name will return to virtual  obscurity and the United States may recover from this blast of fascism that seems on the horizon.  I won't even mention the name of this guy from Indiana with the hope that if this writing is discovered years from now that it will be a mystery as to who he ever was.  I hope that his office fills to the rafters with 'thank you' cards from Planned Parenthood. Make a contribution of any amount and PP will happily send a card of thanks to the Indiana governor!


The anticipation of seeing Bernie Sanders and Sarah Silverman tomorrow is exciting.   Film at eleven.

I am recruiting more and more people to write to electors.  I like it when some friend of a friend, whom I don't know, asks for the mailing lists.  It will cost less than forty dollars to write to these ninety electors on post cards.  What a pleasure it will be to know that if even one elector becomes a person of good will and good conscience and doesn't cast a Red Ballot, that will be energy well spent.  I'll have my cards in the mail in about a week or so. The meeting of the Electoral College is on December 19th. 

Ready set go.. (I have no idea why I wrote that!)

michael sheehan
November 28, 2016

Cayote 11/28/16

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