Tuesday, November 15, 2016


November 15, 2016

All the thoughts.. all the worries?  All the actions that we either opt to do ... or not.. What's next? If one 'faithless elector' comes through for the majority of the people of the United States, that will say something.  That's all I've got on that.
We are blessed with some friends and lumbered by others who are in our lives somehow. Today, I spoke with a guy who is a friend.  At the age of 34 he was tossed off a mountain and landed in a wheel chair.  One of the most brilliant students I have ever known, bright and funny, he survived the accident and  has gone on to major success as an executive and more importantly as a person.  I am blessed to know him. As an exec, the people he was in charge of called him Rolling Thunder! I'm happy to call him my friend.


As the fog lifts and life, presumably, goes on.. I hope to have some help here at the homestead. Reaching out is not easy for me.  How wonderful it may be to have room again! Too many art projects on top of too many art projects and books on books on books.. wow.. 

My Yahoo email account was all wonky over the past couple of days.  Unsure if it's fixed, but it's a shock to realize how important that communication system is to me.   Reconnecting with old pals and fielding new invitations to screenings as the Awards Season blossoms is a good thing.  So many movies stumping for attention.  I went to Raleigh Studios last night and dozed off in the first episode of The Crown, a Netflix series.  Beautifully shot taking us back to 1947, the wedding of Elizabeth and Phillip .. pomp and lots of $$$$ on the screen.. but I snoozed.  

November 15, 2016

Broken Chayote 11/15/16

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