Sunday, November 6, 2016


November 6, 2016

Angst is palpable.  Time for Art.

The time change always confuses me for a while. It'll be obvious when the sun goes down way too early and I'll be caught somewhere.  My friend, Pam, has posted a thing on FB regarding a time for meditation today, Sunday, at 4PM PST. Standard Time.   If you meditate, see if  you can sit for a few minutes this afternoon.   If you don't it doesn't matter. Just sitting still is a good thing with the intention to just sit still.  If you chant or sit za zen or do TM, as I have done off and on for many  years.. simply being still is a very positive gesture. In group situations sitting has often been a very calming factor.  We sure could use some calm about now.  Thank you, Pam.

The subject line today comes from The Fantasticks. Why it popped into my head just now, I don't know.  Actual moisture here in Glendale, would be great. Maybe the rain will be a shower joy or sorrow? Angst? Naw..  We'll all sit this afternoon and the peace of the sitting will blanket the land and reason will prevail.   Why not?

November 6, 2016
Chayote November 6, 2016

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