Sunday, November 20, 2016


November 20, 2016

I met Robert Ryan.. (the younger actor, not the '60s movie star) back in the days of early log on social media.  Modem Butterfly's Connection.  A dial up Bulletin System: BBS.  No graphics except what you could fake with key strokes and friendly folks who were local and articulate on the keyboard..or angry or silly.. but kind.  Robert has succumbed to illness and is gone before his time.  We resist saying 'dead.'  But, dead is what we all shall be one day. The wonderful thing about the evolution of cyberspace and the internet is that we now have images and links and kinks and winks that make us laugh... and today may make us weep.  I'd see RR at theatre procuctios that we'd attend from time to time. We had a mutual friend, Susan Goldberg, whom I've lost touch with. She'd have a seder and invite friends, including RR and me.  This is a farewell to a guy who always exhibited a gentle spirit and fought like a tiger when gravity and time and misforutne stepped in.  Stop for one second and right now say his name: Robert Ryan.  Out loud..  a tribute to a very nice man. That's what I just did.


The bruhaha of the VP elect showing up at a performance of the Broadway hit HAMILTON elicited a beautiful response from the cast at the curtain call of their performance.  It was eloquent and respectful.  The audience stood and cheered. I got this note forwarded from a friend, encouraging folks to write to the cast of Hamilton thanking them for their classy reaction to having this guy in their audience.  I'm writing to that cast today at this address:
" The Cast of Hamilton, Richard Rodgers Theater, 226 W 46th street, NY, NY  10036"

I awakened angry that The Apprentice will air again on NBC with Arnold What's his name, as the Boss.  It will mean millions into the orange man's pockets and this so riled me that I was going to go off on it before I learned of Robert's death.
So.. please boycott NBC, The Apprentice and if  you are really into it,  leave a comment:
NBC Comment line: 
(a local 818 number was not working!)


Please consider writing to electors asking respectfully to cast their electoral ballots for anyone else but the orange man.  The tide is turning.  Keep bailing! 
Finally..  I've composed and printed out  snail mail to the cast of HAMILTON and, also, a note to Gabrielle Carteris, President of SAGAFTRA discussing the SAGAFTRA Film Society.  FS Members need respect.. at least more respect than they are getting now at screenings at the DGA in Hollywood. 

It's raining! Yay!! 

November 20, 2016
I loved the clouds that preceeded today's rain? 

 and your friendly chayote: 

Chayote 11/20/16

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