Thursday, December 1, 2016


December 1, 2016

In three weeks, my 366 day photo project will be complete. In chatting with an old pal yesterday, he wanted to know how it will be displayed.  When discussing my conceptual art pieces, like many other folks, he had ideas.  I used to resist  when others would make suggestions, but now, it's fun to discuss them because it makes me feel as though they may have an actual interest.  Taking a suggestion is pretty much okay with me now, I guess.

I've been confronted with some naysaying in the form of limiting an idea today.   If we ever limit ideas, then we are really stuck.   This reminds me of a time before limits.  My mother had a storage shed built behind our house.  I wanted it to also be a "weightless room" where we could play sans gravity.  She never could explain why this was not possible, but appreciated that I had the idea.  (See the Amy Adams film "Arrival" for a take on sans gravity!)

An actress I have always admired keeps up an email exchange when all she really had to do was ignore it.  One thing that limits our ideas is telling someone what to do.  An exchange of ideas with respect and no judgement seems to me to be a good thing, even if you don't agree.  Email and even this writing is limited because we have  no intonation, no visual of the other with whom we may want to communicate.   The word 'please' seems to be disappearing from our vocabulary.  Wonder why?

Chayote 12/1/16

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