Friday, December 9, 2016


December 9, 2016
Actually, "A Monk Swimming" is the title of a book by Frank McCourt's brother Malachy.  It comes from their Catholic childhood in the lanes of Limerick.  Learning the Hail Mary .. well.. you probably get it by now...

My dear Bill der Beaver pal, Sandey Grinn (late of Grinn and Barrett.. another wonderful pal, Wm Barrett) told a story yesterday on FB in memory of a guy who is so well remembered and loved, a real friend of all at the Renaissance Faire, Mark Lewis. 
A more wonderful guy you could not find in the universe.  Sandey's story involved his being almost choked to death by a mad monk on the Maybower Stage at the Agoura site for the Faire years ago and being saved by Mark.  Not wanting to hijack Sandey's great story, I wanted to tell my own 'monk story' and so here it is:

I was called to audition for a McDonald's TV commercial many years ago and the costume that I was told I was expected to come in was a monk's robe.   When I got to the audition, Stubby Kay was there looking a lot like Friar Tuck.  Then, a guy who had been in with the casting agents came out with a baseball cap and a whistle around his neck with a sweat shirt and pants.  ???

When it was my turn, I learned that the spot was for how you got a bargain at McDonald's every day of the MONTH.. and the guys in the spot represented DAYS OF THE MONTH..   nothing to do with monks!  


Have you seen the Ghost Who Walks? 
The Ghost Who Walks?
The good news is that I am Facebook challenged but did see some notices that I'd failed to see from some time ago and recruited several friends of friends to send snail mail to republican electors urging them to compromise and find a way to
 NOT ELECT DT on December 19th.  

There's a suggestion circulating that if Mrs. Clinton releases her electors and urges those Democrats to find a compromise republican candidate who may save the nation.. by voting for anyone else, that will, at least, put the election into a bit of a tailspin.  I hope the republican electors will consider a compromise.  It is such a long shot! 
To me, if I was a republican elector, I'd feel as though I'd been subjected to 'bait and switch' with DT exhibiting such bizarre behavior that even as a person loyal to my party, I'd be very upset to have to vote for him.  If you are a republican elector, please, please consider anyone else: anyone!

It's down to the wire.  

december 9, 2016

Chayote 12/9/16

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