Friday, December 16, 2016


December 16, 2016 

Full of malevolent actors..  fake news.. divide and conquer with fake news that is very similar to legitimate news..  reduce foreign influence?  make politial dialogue more productive:  Points made in 
the final press conference with President Obama. His talk is interrupted by a health issue in the back of the press corps...  the doctor's office is next to the map room..  

The intelligence and thoughtful responses by the President are well presented.  One reporter draws the attention from the election to Aleppo..  (The dangers of what will happen with a loose cannon at the helm are bubbling comment.. )

He continues to use the term "president elect" and the feeling that the election is a done deal.  Sad. 


Pussy Grabber in Chief?  How can I put the blinders on and not see orange?  

Obama did not go so far as to discuss what the electors should do.. he did make a point of saying that Wyoming has two senators to represent 500,000 or so folks there and California has two senators to represent almost FORTY MILLION.. do that math and then..  send a prayer.. if you do such a thing.. to each and every elector and ask that THEY.. represent not only their states and the wonky electoral system.. but the population of the United States.  Even with President Obama's seeming concession ..  the fat lady is waiting for her cue or to be sent home.  Send her home, electors.. please.. 

michael sheehan
December 16, 2016
 Chayote  12/16/16


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