Tuesday, December 6, 2016


December 6, 2016

EDIT.. 2:15 PM PST!   I have just confirmed from NBC News that Fire Captain Chris Suprun of Cedar Hill, Texas has made a statement saying he will NOT CAST HIS ELECTORAL BALLOT FOR DT!  This is with the hope that other electors of good conscience will follow his lead. He was quoted as saying, "I'm voting for a President, not a king!"  How can electors who signed up in good faith with probably no inkling that this debacle could happen, not feel the same way. They are human beings who must be watching with bated breath and if our asking them has any effect along with the pure humanity that each of us has within us.. they will follow Mr. Suprun's lead and do the right thing. Ideally, it would be to follow the popular vote. Ideally, Ms Clinton will be the President. But, I've been asking with all my heart that the electors just vote for ANYONE ..anyone else. Please!

It's down to the wire. A new post on FB lists all 538 electors with the names of a few of them who may consider not voting for DT.  This is exciting because one of the republicans whom I shall contact is highlighted as a possible change.  She lives in Phoenix on Why Worry Lane!  

It's funny how a name can conjure up ideas about what someone is like. The lady I mention above is married, I think.  I hope that she responds to my cards.  She gets two because I like her address. 

I wanted the election to just be over with. I was so smug thinking that it was in the bag for HRC that the hammer blow up aside my head still has little birdies and stars circling above me.  It's so interesting how very involved I have become to attempt to just turn one elector from this road to perdition that we are trundling down.  Brrr. 

Today a notice came up on FB from an artist, Lisa Adams, announcing that the republican is trying to stop the recount in Pennsylvania.  If you have not seen the notice on FB, just send an email to

asking that the recount go forward.  "I'm a registered voter, etc." and sign your name. 


Today I thought about 'desire' and 'reflection'..  The reflection part came from a couple of mysterious reflections in the kitchen. As I drank from a glass while standing at the sink, there was a quick flash of light!  Whoa!!  It was a reflection in the kitchen window of my drinking glass! ..  Another was in the pyrex tea pot on the stove.  It's funny how simple little things like this draw my attention from time to time.  Moments in the scope of a day that will be lost .. except, of course for maybe seeing the memory here at some later time?  

Desire?  What attracts us to anything?  Is it an animal magnetism?  I heard a woman on the radio talking about her fiance meeting someone new and it was clear to her that the attraction between the two was undeniable.  The Whammy!  The Whammy was invented.. I think.. by Al Capp in his comic strip "Li'l Abner."  Evil Eye Fleagle could knock you silly with the 'whammy' but look out if he brought on the double Whammy!  This is slightly off topic as the Whammy I have been whammified by was an amazing experience that emanated from a beautiful woman. Her reputation goes far and wide in the world of animation and all I can say is that these many years later, I shall never ever Ever forget the moment I got whammified! Thanks to Claes Oldenberg for that moment in time, though he had no direct part in it... 
Oh.. yes..  about desire and animal magnetism!  The incident where the woman's fiance and the 'other' was not between him and a woman, but a bonobo, the tiny relative of the chimpanzee and also a close relative of ours!  She explained how chimps love everyone, but bonobos seem to fall in love and bond with just one person and the love that they give is unconditional.  Finding that kind of 'spark' as a friend calls it, is rare: "devoutly to be wished."  

As time goes by desire changes.  Puppy love and sexual desire evolve as our age dictates. There are specific times nature wants to proliferate itself. Time mellows us as we grow older.  However, when there is a mutual attraction now and then, the whammy may not be a full on Wham, but it's interesting.  I still miss that Whammy Gal whom I met through Oldenburg.  

Hirst eat your heart out!!
 and. this: 
Chayote 12/6/16

December 6, 2016

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