Monday, December 19, 2016


December 19, 2016

My VW bus!  An old friend and on the freeway for ten miles today, a first in a long time.  Still needs work, but we had some fun today.

What I almost posted on FB was about one Colorado elector I know about who is a young guy from Greeley.  He's a Democrat, but he and his other electors have been discussing going off book to vote for someone else .. maybe a republican?  I found out that yesterday, the day before his important vote casting, he was at a Star Wars Exhibit in Denver!  Not to disparage Star Wars (though Rogue One was a bust to me).. but we now know that at least one elector is just a guy.  In fact, we surmise that all 538 electors are regular people.. with a few politicians tossed in.. Still unsure how you become an elector.. but like Chris Suprun, the Texas elector from Cedar Hill, who stated unequivocolly  that he won't cast a ballot for the orangman because he knows he is not qualified to be the President.!   I sent Chris three pages of mailing labels with names of republican electors hoping he would do as I'd done and drop them a snail mail or Christmas card asking them to vote for anyone but DT. 

We shall see.  Expect a miracle. 

Awakening too early this morning, I have errands to run and miles to go.. Wondered how to psychically connect with electors and ask them to please do the right thing.  Made embarrassing comments to a Marine wife who is friends, probably in Colorado who admitted that she voted orange..  Just because someone is not adept in grammar doesn't mean they are stupid, even if the did vote Red.. but it may mean that their education is lacking. (now check me for typos and missed spellings and such?? Yikes).. 

I guess we are all in the dark re: the electoral votes until January 6, 2017?  I wonder if the electoral ballots are secret ballots?  Boy, there's a lot to learn about this stuff! 

December 19, 2016  a day that will live in infamy. 

  Chayote fading  12/19/16

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  1. I have dyslexia and truly bad spelling. Spell check is great if you know the spelling of a word. I spend way too much time checking definitions online to be sure I am using the correct words. I have been called out and spell shamed my entire life and at the ripe old age of 66 and autocorrect on my phone with the tiny keyboard. It is almost impossible. So we look stupid. I hope you know I'm not stupid. xxoogg