Thursday, December 15, 2016


December 15, 2016

To awaken before dawn feeling disrespected by a friend and to feel helpless regarding the looming meeting of the f-ing Electoral College on Monday with the possibility that the "Ship of State" is really sinking with a scoundrel at the helm.. or about to be.. is really disturbing.  A double whammy of a lack of support.  The bad guys are winning.

I have called the Democratic National Committee offices in Washington.  202 863 8000 and sent a message to asking them to DO SOMETHING..  

An old acquaintance surmises that if Hillary Clinton stepped up and said something that it would be perceived as her being a sore loser!  Why the heck shouldn't she be a sore loser? We are all losers and if we don't start to bail like anything and fix the holes in the ship, sinking into the muck and shit we now are barely floating on will be not much fun.  I hate politics. I hate to use foul language.  Really . really and truly .. 

When supposed friends dismiss me, that feels crappy, too.  I must mention this because it is this lack of support that fuels my rant.  If one can't be supportive, why bring your negativity to the table. Just STFUP..  really..  if I want to bail this crap out of our lives..not just my life, but a majority of the voters in this damned election..  help or shut up.  

What makes people turn on friends?  Just the convenience of having a nay say?  The ease of dismissal? The lack of interest.. certainly the lack of respect.   I believe that one person CAN do something.  I don't know how I sustain remaining hopeful that something will happen at the last minute to save us, but I'd rather be thought a fool than to be still! 

Jumping up and down and waving my arms is a call to the country to do something.  The list of republican electors' addresses was not accurate, btw. One of the guys in Arizona, Ash something.. Bruce Ash? had moved since the list was posted and my card came back.  I wonder how many electors had not kept their addresses current?  One report said that those republican electors have received literally thousands of communications..  emails, phone calls and snail mails.. asking to NOT vote for DT. Colorado electors are threatened with jail and a fine if they don't follow the 'rules.'  Of course, Hamilton made it clear that only a "man" (we have emerged to "person") of good character and with qualifications to do the job of President should be considered by the Electors. I wonder how that jibes with the Colorado ruling that to do the RIGHT THING may land you in jail? AND, be fined as much as a thousand dollars?  Really?

There are holes in the Ship of State. We are beginning to sink.   We are about to lose one of the best skippers the United States has ever had and now a mad pirate is standing at the ready in his gilded wealth with a crew of scurvy rascals who have only their own best interests at hear. Here I am jumping up and down waiving for respect and to, at least, ask to not NOT be shut down by f-ing naysayers in public.   I can't be the only one who sees this unfolding as the worst thing that has happened to the USA since GWB and his ignorance.  

Do something.  Call the DNC.  write an email. 
Please call: 202 863 8000 

Send a message to 

Respectfully, ask them to DO SOMETHING..  Don't let the naysayers whittle away at the bottom of the ship ..  plug a hole. DO SOMETHING. 

december 15, 2016 

Chayote 12/15/16

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