Tuesday, August 1, 2017


In the brilliant 1976 movie, NETWORK,  Howard Beale (Peter Finch) loses it on the air and shouts a phrase that we all may be feeling right about now, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Written by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Sidney Lummet, it was a strong polemic that we could use a dose of today.

On Facebook, friends rant or complain and as of now the issue of the president's credibility remains one of incredulous head scratching and despair. What can we do??

Today I proposed to an artist friend who has used BIG CAPS IN HER FACEBOOK POSTS.. that as Americans are only marginal in regards to 'taking it to the streets'.. notwithstanding the protestors who have shown up recently and, of course, many years ago,  the hundreds of thousands who marched to stop the Vietnam war..  it occurred to me that every single day, I get at least five or six 'robocalls' from solicitors or from some rogue machine that is just dialing all the time and never responds.  

This "shotgun" effect is a real technology.  What if a registry could be developed where like minded folks could sign up to be called at a specific time, thousands all at one time.. and at that specific time, we would just walk out onto our porches .. best at the dark of the moon.. and shine our flashlights into the sky: waving Light for Peace and to 'demand' an end to this debacle of a president?

I have always advocated for 'silent' protest.  The chants and shouts seem juvenile to me.  Images of Buddhist priests self immolating are still emblazoned in my memory, along with a kid at the corner of Beverly and Fairfax in the late sixties or early seventies who opted to die in an attempt to Stop the War.  Silent protest.

No self immolation here, boy.  Just literally thousands and thousands of fed up Americans making a statement at a pre-arranged time that would be reminded by an app or a call or something that is already in our technology.

I'm not much of an organizer or a 'leader' in this type of thing.  I tried it many years ago and only Nancy Cartwright showed up.. 
Just showing up.  

If you know me, then send me an email and let me know your thoughts.  If we are not acquainted, please send an email to  directortv41 at Yah.. 

Who knows.. Could we make a difference? 

Michael Sheehan
August 1, 2017

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