Tuesday, October 3, 2017


October 3, 2017

It's impossible to hide from the ever expanding story of the massacre in Las Vegas on Sunday night.  I've asked on Facebook that news outlets and individuals refrain from using the murderer's name, so as to not elevate him to the status of other killers whose names become part of the American lexicon.  I've gotten blowback from some folks who just don't understand that not using his name is not denying the event or not investigating the ever evolving story.  We should know all that we can know, of course.

As I don't use the name of the president because I want to at least disrespect him, this is a similar act of omission.  It's personal.  This business of not using the name of the president has cost me a very dear friend and it's ironic because she and I share so much in common.  A simple thing grew out of control and though I feel awful about it, it's clear that she feels that she is the one offended, when I felt offended initially.  All this cloak and dagger may winnow out in time, but right now I miss the good communication that I thought we had. She is a smart and beautiful person. I miss the connection.

These are delicate times.  I harp on the idea of the  ATFE taking aim at bullets to make them, at least, trackable or tax them in such a way so as to limit them.  If making your own liquor or selling tobacco that is not licensed is a crime, so should the sale of ammunition be somehow monitored. I saw a cute meme on Facebook of bullets packaged like Sudafed.  If you buy over a certain amount of Sudafed, you are tracked or otherwise limited, but you may buy all the ammo you want and no one bats an eye.

I have just now remembered the first name of a faculty member who was generous to me when I was in college at what is now UNC in Greeley.  John Mariani!! He was a well respected artist and instructor whose drawing class I took for one quarter. I was not attuned to drawing, but he took to me and helped.  There is a physical feeling of satisfaction that goes with having a memory like this bubble up.  Trying to remember took me to a classmate of his daughter, Kathy, and a nice reunion on the phone with Carolyn McQueen ensued.  What a pleasure.

Hopefully, as one tragedy tumbles into another, we, as a nation or a world, will remember that the world now is totally connected and it's time to stop the hassle and make this One World.  Of course, the ego trips of world leaders make this difficult, but even Senator John McCain reminds us that the House and the Senate do not work for the president.  They are not his lackeys. Nor are the citizens of the USA under the thumb of this man who seems to care only for himself.  We stopped the war in Vietnam, though it took a while.  Now is the time to stop the embarrassment that is heaped on the United States daily and I think that silent vigils may be a beginning.   Even in ones and twos.. Just sitting for peace. 

We need some good news. Anyone? 

ten three seventeen.

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