Monday, June 12, 2017


June 12, 2017

I so dislike politics.  Really.  Discussions are attempts to manipulate and debate with a stone wall is useless.  

Facebook is a source of information now and then and this is important.  
For years, I've understood that we fall basically into two 'sides.'  Conservative/Liberal was the subject of an experiment done in  England a few years ago where brain scans were done on a number of students.  Half declared themselves to be left leaning (liberal) in their beliefs and the other half: conservatives.   The brain scans showed that the more conservative leaning students had larger amygdalas than the more liberal students.  The amygdala is the part of the brain that tells us to react emotionally.. fight or flight! Limbic reactions!  Thus, if we want to move to a conclusion, more conservative people ... in this study.... were more likely to behave in a 'reactionary' way because of the size of this part of their brains.  

The article link below that chronicles the work of retired UC Berkeley professor George Lakoff, spells out in really simple terms what is happening in the United States today and why #45 was elected (sorry. it was the danged electoral college, not the actual vote of the voters! ) .. 

I get impatient with 'explanations' by really intelligent guys like Dr. Lakoff.  But, this makes total sense to me and I've seen what he discusses personally in people I know.  The strong patriarch rules in our society. Period.  Scary. 

Take a look at this and see if ideas come up that may change the way that liberals go about being liberal (fat chance?).. sink or swim?  Fascinating information.  Pass it on...Looks like a copy and paste deal.

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