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I was about to post this on Facebook, but it's long and I usually skip over long blurbs that others have posted.. So inviting you to see this in a slightly more user friendly way, this is what I started to write:

"I have no idea the political leaning of every one who may see this. I would call to all of us to focus our attention on the fact that name calling and ad hominem attacks are mostly the method that more conservative folks cling to. 

FB is a terrible place for meaningful debate, of course. I repeat the term 'tone' that references those people and am grateful that they continue to do express themselves in nasty ways. It's obvious where they stand. Finding a way to harmony and reason isn't much fun when you can ridicule someone and get a bruhaha going.. But. I love to see the not so liberal folks jump up and down and wave their hands. We see you. Thank you."

Left handed slaps at those more conservative folks probably are not fully understood by them. Limbic reactions are never thoughtful.  We all do it, of course.. I hope that the more liberal of us would take a step back and see that calling #45 names and ditto for those who support him, really only show how little ammunition we have.  I compliment the mud slingers from the Right because I like knowing who they are.  I'm not keeping a list, but pointing out to others the obvious lack of understanding they have is a goal.

What we forget and I've mentioned this in the past.. is that those name calling  mudslingers  must really believe what they believe.  The sincerity of #45 I have a hard time with because his 'tone' that sets the tone for all of his followers.. is nasty and rude. When you have all the money, that gives you (you think) immunity from everything.  We'll see how this goes, won't we?

I remember privilege!  It was years ago when my high school class had created a float for the Homecoming Parade.  One girl in the class was from a very well to do family. Her father, a prominent physician, loaned us his brand new Cadillac to pull the float with .. and.. and..  "I" got to drive it. I got to pull the float.  Dean Fritzler was the robot on the float who got messages from a computer predicting the Wildcats victory!  but..that's not the privilige part.. that part was.. 
That I.. 

coming from humble means got to pick up the Caddy from the place where the doctor had had it detailed for the parade and instead of driving directly to the site where we had the float ready for the parade that day, I circled down town and waved to the simple folk with a Queen Elizabeth/Rose Queen wave and slowly enjoyed the luxury of status (the Cadillac). "Hello, peasants..."

That car smelled great.  My moment as a rich guy was impressive to a sixteen year old.  Like the guy in the Monopoly game who owns all the good property and is just enjoying raking in the dough from the other poor schmucks who didn't buy or couldn't..  I felt superior.  I'm pretty sure that #45 feels that every single moment of the day.  I'm not ashamed of how I behaved.  I didn't insult anyone.  And, I was only sixteen! 

The point being that finding ways to dissuade the followers of the current administration from the current downslide can't be by executing tit for tat.  Harmony is about finding a way to communicate in a civil way.  (Now I'm preaching.. and I'll stop).. but smart folks understand that coming together for the common good is effortful.  Ranting, to me, a waste of time. 

Let's hope that reasonable people come to the fore and that our country will survive with a minimum of loss.  

June 20, 2017    

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